Cats 4 You in Pattaya

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Can you help us ?



We see many sick and abandoned cats at the shelter that we visit close to our home in Pattaya there are about 50 at the moment.

We try to help as many as we can but we are limited as to how many we can have at home.

At the moment we have 45 cats and kittens here, around 10 of them are on some sort of medication , when they are well enough if they have not been re-homed we have to return them to the shelter.(Please note we now no longer return them to the shelter due to the conditions there so it is even more important to find new homes for these more vunerable cats).

Are you able to take a sick cat home for a few weeks and give them their medication?

If so it could meen saving a little life or two!!

We can loan you a cage and will supply their food and medicines as needed, most of the cats we bring home need 3-4 weeks to recover from their various sicknesses, some of the young ones just need fattening up a little, it is a very satisfing to see a skinny kitten grow and gain in strength and health.

Maybe you could sponsor a sick cat, your donation will help a cat get the medication it needs.

We also need people or organisations to help us with fund raising events so that we can carry on helping the cats of Pattaya, our savings can only last so long !

If you are able to help in any way please contact us


                                      Thank you 

                                                     Paul and Sandra on :-   0852875004