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Were still here !!

Posted by paul finnelly on November 28, 2011 at 11:10 PM

Hi everyone, I expect you are wondering what has happened to our monthly newsletter, well its been so busy here that Today is the first time I have had a chance to write one.(excuses excuses).

It's hard to know where to start, to date as you may have seen we have now re-homed 48 of our furry friends, since my last posting Squeek,Smith and Jones,Cilla and Tiger, Eric and Ernie, Tiger 2, Mauvie, Toby and Suki, Garfield, Tabby, Ginger,  Flip and Flop and  3 lovely kittens that our good friends David and Peta had been taking care of have all found new homes.

We have had lots of visitors too, Jonathan Goacher and his colleague Maprang from DLA Piper (Bangkok), Barry Kenyon and his friend Bob, Our good friend David, Janet Upton and Paul, Susan and Tony, Yann and lots more that I've forgotten about already, most brought the cats lots of goodies so thanks everyone for that.

Thanks to Tarja and her family from Finland who for the second time this year has made an ONLINE DONATION , sadly this DONATION LINK has not yet taken off but we are hopeful that someone with a genorous heart will help us help the abandoned cats and kittens that abound here in Pattaya.

Thanks also to everyone who has helped us with advertising etc, we have had articles in the Pattaya People , Pattaya Today, we took Poppit and Merl to see Barry Upton at 96fm radio/ TV show. Pattaya105fm put out a message for us and more recently Pattaya Mail has agreed to put in our Ad again, William Bryan arranged for Jan Upton to come last week to write an article for tht Pattaya People, she was so Impressed that she took our lovely disabled Kittens "Flip and Flop" , her article will be is this Saturdays Issue,  also Barry Kenyon has twisted a few arms at the Pattaya Today office and they have agreed to do a regular feature for us featuring 4 of our cats in every fortnightly edition, also included in the page will be a collection of dogs from Derek and Mali's "Doggery"  so we are all excited by that, thanks again guys.

Thanks too to Jane and Horst for helping us with our table at the Christmas Bazaar.

(sorry about the whisky Horst) !!

We still have 24 cats and kittens here at the moment and several more that are available in their foster homes including 4 "Gingers" that are around 6 months old , they are in the hospital being neutered and will be available in about a weeks time, I will post some photos when I get them.(Be Quick People love Gingers) !!

Some sad news to tell you as it's not all joy and happiness, a lovely couple from 3rd rd.contacted us a few weeks ago, somebody had dumped 4 tiny kittens on their doorstep they tried to feed them but after a day of struggling called us for some help, sadly by this time one had died already, we took the other three and for two days fed them every three hours ( and through the night time ) but sadly they all died, they were just too tiny and needed their mum. We tried our best ! we were very sad as were the people who found them, they also kindly gave us a donation with which we shall buy some cat litter . Thanks.

Well thet about wraps it up for the moment but I will try my hardest to keep the newsletters more regular, Sandra is away for 5 weeks so you will have to bear with me when replying to messages etc. as I'm on my own here at present.

To everyone else that I have forgotten to mention a big thank you.

Please remember to spread the word about our lovely cats and the website


Paul and Sandra

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