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02.10.14  "Precious" needs your help !!

This poor girl was hit by a car, her tail is missing, pelvis broken and has probable spinal damage, her legs have nasty scrape wound from her dragging her back legs on the concrete floor. She is now here safe with us but  we need your DONATION to help with the costs of her surgery and care, please go to our DONATE/SPONSOR HERE link at the top of this page, Thank you.


We heard of a cat that had been hit by a car on a local village, someone saw the accident and thought the cat had gone off to die, 3 days later he went to see it and it was still alive and then took it to our vet's, he has a smashed jaw, one of his eyes has to be removed and his other eye although he has some vision it seems that the nerves to the pupil are damaged because it is dilated all the time.
He is having an operation to fix his jaw and remove the damaged eye today, we have offered to take him if he gets well.

Please help us by using our DONATE link page.




"Lucky one" was found last night in some bushes being attacked by 2 dogs, we think she was hit by a motorbike and ran into the bushes from the road , Yana a kind holidaymaker chased the dogs away and took the litt...le one to her hotel.
We collected her today and sadly she has a nasty leg fracture and also a fractured pelvis,(See photo) we dread to think how much this is going to cost and so are appealing to you to make a donation no matter how small using the link on this website. Thanks for you help,
Paul and Sandra